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The financial support of the European Union for the project (ENK5 CT 2002-80648) is gratefully acknowledged

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The international standard for tar and particle measurement in biomass producergas


Welcome to the home of TarWeb.Net. This web-site is designed and constructed for all end-users, suppliers and developers of biomass gasification technologies to present the development and to stimulate the use of a standard method for the measurement of organic contaminants (tars) in biomass producer gases.

Project information is provided and project results are presented to be actively discussed by you. Please don't hesitate to send us your comments.

Technical experts are highly welcomed to join the tar activities! Experts on bio-energy, gas cleaning and/or tar measurement can contribute in the project. More information can be found here

The following results can be downloaded from here:
- a draft version of the standard
- the final version of a background document (Technical Report)
- the final version of a document called "Rationale for setup of impinger train"

In case you or your organisation performs tar measurements in line with the Standard method we would be very happy to receive your experiences and /or comments. For this you can sent your experiences to vanderdrift (at) ecn.nl.

photo of the group
Photo of the members of tarweb
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   Sampling train
Drawing of a sampling train
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