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Description of the work

The work in this project is subdivided into three activities:

  1. Standardisation of the existing Guideline into a Standard for measurement of tars in biomass producer gases;
  2. Co-ordination of R&D activities
  3. Dissemination of the results.

In the first activity, standardisation is performed in a Task Force (number CEN/TF/143) installed directly under the European Committee for Standardisation (Comité Européen de Normalisation, CEN). This Task Force has been applied for at CEN in the previous EU project and will be installed at the start of the current (new) project. The activities of this Task Force are twofold:

  1. Communicate with CEN on progress of standardisation, following the CEN rules and procedures, document versions of the Standard (including formal enquiry stage and formal vote stage) and plan plus organise Meetings of the Task Force including the Technical Experts. Activities include holding the Secretary and the Chair of the CEN Task Force.
  2. (b) Ensure technical input to the Task Force from Technical Experts. They bring in their expertise on tar measurement and use of the Guideline and define the specifications the Standard has to fulfil. This Group of Technical Experts discusses existing data on the draft Standard and takes action to ensure collection of data that are still missing. In particular, data on accuracy and reproducibility of the draft Standard are essential in the process of Standardisation.

Co-ordination of R&D activities
&D on the short – term is still required as data on accuracy and reproducibility of the Guideline method are necessary in order to achieve the Standard Status. The R&D will comprise mainly the following two routes:

  • Round Robin tests of gas chromatographic and gravimetric methods, where synthetic and real tar samples will be sent out for analysis in different laboratories.
  • Parallel testing, where different laboratories will carry out simultaneous tar measurements to find out whether the measurement method and measuring equipment result in comparable numbers.

In addition, also other interesting research activities (e.g. comparison of the Standard method with alternative methods, testing the Standard at low tar concentrations) will be stimulated and co-ordinated in the framework of the project. With this project covering only the co-ordination cost, the actual R&D will have to be covered by funding from other sources.

In the second activity, the results from this project will be disseminated to ensure widespread acquaintance with the Standard. Dissemination is aimed at the companies, institutes and universities working in the field of biomass gasification. Dissemination will be performed by means of an Internet site, by using Internet mailing lists/discussion groups and by means of papers and presentations at Biomass conferences.

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