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This project will focus on the Standardisation of the Guideline for the measurement of organic contaminant (called 'tar'). This Standard provides a set of procedures for the measurement of organic contaminants and particles in producer gases from biomass gasifiers. The procedures are designed to cover different gasifier types (updraft or downdraft fixed bed or fluidised bed gasifiers), operating conditions (0 - 900C and 0.6 - 60 bars) and concentration ranges (1 mg/mn3 to 300 g/mn3).

Although several institutes have now used the Guideline, it does not have the status of an international standard yet. The overall objective of the project is to remove this obstacle by standardising the Guideline. The result will be a CEN Standard. As acceptance and use by others is considered to be essential, dissemination and internalisation of the Standard forms part of this project.